Common problems and solutions encountered in industrial aluminum profiles

Source:Jiangyin Haihong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Release time:2022-03-14 09:14:48 Author:3959

1. The temperature during extrusion of industrial aluminum profile is too low, the extrusion speed is too slow, the exit temperature of the profile cannot reach the solid solution temperature, and the solid solution strengthening effect is not achieved;

Solution: Reasonably control the extrusion temperature and extrusion speed to keep the profile at the exit temperature of the extruder above the minimum solid solution temperature;

2. There are few fans at the outlet of industrial aluminum profiles and insufficient air volume, resulting in slow cooling speed, which cannot make the industrial aluminum profiles drop below 200°C in the shortest time, causing the coarse magnesium silicide to precipitate prematurely, thereby reducing the solid solution phase. Affect the mechanical properties of the profile after heat treatment;

Solution: Strengthen the air-cooling conditions, and install atomized cooling devices in factories where conditions permit, in order to meet the minimum requirements of 6063 alloy cooling gradient;

3. The composition of the ingot is unqualified, and the content of magnesium and silicon in the ingot does not meet the standard requirements;

Solution: Strengthen the quality management of ingots;

4. The ingot is not homogenized, so that the magnesium silicide phase precipitated in the ingot structure cannot be re-solidified in a short time of extrusion, resulting in insufficient solid solution and affecting product performance;

Solution: homogenize the ingot;

5. Improper aging process, poor hot air circulation or incorrect installation position of thermocouples, resulting in insufficient aging or over-aging.

Solution: reasonably determine the aging process, correctly install the thermocouple, and correctly place the industrial aluminum profiles to ensure the smooth circulation of hot air.

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